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Purchasing Weight Training Accessories

Tuesday and Thursday 11/9

Have done HIIT twice this week with 19 resistance on the bike. Still doing 20 second "sprints" and 2 minutes recovery time.

Lifting on Tuesday:

Deadlifts 180 pounds - 4 sets of 5
Squats 150 pounds - 4 sets of 5
Incline Bench Press 120 pounds - 4 sets of 5
Assisted Pull-Up -30 pounds - 4 sets of 5
Overhead Press 50 pounds - 4 sets of 5
Dumbbell Curls 50 pounds - 4 sets of 5

Lifting today (Thursday): 
(I went out of order because the power racks were ALL in use. Not common at the Y)

Incline Bench Press 120 pounds for three sets of 5 and one set of 8.
Assisted Pull-Up -30 pounds for three sets of 5 and one set of 7.

Deadlifts 180 pounds for three sets of 5 and one set of 6.
Squats 150 pounds for three sets of 5 and one set of 6.

Overhead Press 55 pounds for two sets of 5 and two sets of 12 (I wasn't paying full attention for a minute)
Dumbbell Curls 50 pounds for three sets of 5 and one set of 8.

Thanks to a friend I'm watching a lot of Juggernaut Training Systems videos. The same friend who turned me on to the PowerPlant gym.

In a quick check on my body fat and fat free mass index I'm basically in the same place. Maybe I'll have to adjust and be sore a lot next month. Or maybe I just stay steady. My weight is sitting around 152 instead of 150 now. I hope to compete in at 148 or lower for my first meet. We'll see how that goes! Would mean I need to get around 18-20% body fat instead of the 22 that I'm at now.


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