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Purchasing Weight Training Accessories

Turkey Day Check In 2017

It is a special week. Deload week, kind of, and 1 rep max testing week.

I did High Intensity Interval Training with no added resistance to the bike. 20 second "sprints" with 2 minute recuperation periods.

On Monday I lifted for four sets of five repetitions. I will repeat this either Friday or Saturday and do HIIT the other day.

Deadlifts 180 pounds
Squats 150 pounds
Incline Bench Press 120 pounds
Assisted Pull-Up -30 pounds
Overhead Press 55 pounds
Dumbbell Curls 50 pounds

Wednesday I did 1 rep max testing and here is what I came away with:
Squat 235
Bench 220
Deadlift 285
Total 740
Wilks score of 255

I was not expecting to go that high on any of those lifts so I am very pleased. I'm fighting a slight cold and had not eaten before lifting so I was in a somewhat fasted state.

(EDIT) Almost forgot to say that I had some wonderful support from friends and family who hung out while I lifted weights for a little over an hour! Thank you so much! Something I am truly grateful for. One was the friend who introduced me to the trainer and gym, and she was doing this inspiring weightlifting workout.

I want to compete in the 148 weight class and am at 152 now. So it will be tricky to lose 5 pounds and gain strength. If I can at least keep this I will be happy. I need to talk to my trainer, Mr. Lee Sillas at the Power Plant. If I can do a Spring meet I can probably keep weight down. I think if I build enough muscle I may have to get over 148 and compete higher. I think the first competition in the lower category would be great.

I'll check in with Lee on if I can go for hypertrophy for 3 months then strength or just stick to strength until after competing. I don't know how often I will compete if I do it more than once. That will just be played by ear.

From looking at various resources here is what things look like. I would start at the lower end and build up. I'm going to follow what my trainer tells me and share that. However this is a good exercise for me. All numbers rounded to closest 5 pounds.

60-70% 6-12 rep
Squat 235 = 140
Bench 220 = 130 (incline 105)
Deadlift 285 = 170

70-85% 4-6 rep
Squat 235 = 165
Bench 220 = 155 (incline 125)
Deadlift 285 = 200

For strength it looks like I'm pretty much on track. If I would continue as I have been going I would do 4 sets of 5 and increase my squat and deadlift accordingly as I have been going lighter than this.

Went for my annual and I'm off another med. My back pain is reducing a bit. Overall feeling better.

Keep Grinding!


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