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Weekly Check-In 1/27/18

I ended up lifting Sunday, Tuesday, and today (Saturday). I did HIIT on the exercise bike on Monday and Wednesday. I used 24 for resistance on the 20 second sprints. Next week I'll use 25 which is the max. I'll stick with that for the week of the 5th and deload on the week of the 12th. That means 5-10 more pounds on the heavy lifts. After that I will decide on continuing with this rep/weight program or go up with weight and 5 or less on the reps.

Was a bit stricter with the intermittent fasting this week and came down 4 pounds. I know I can lose weight fast if I need to. My blood pressure had started going up and a friend who is a doc told me losing 3 or more pounds would probably bring it down. I haven't posted my blood pressure in a while. I'll probably check in on that next week.

Here's what I lifted this week:

Sunday - I was a guest at another gym.
Deadlifts 175 for three sets of 12 and one set of 15.
Squats 155 for three sets of 10 and one set of 12.
Flat bench 135 …

Catching Up 1/20/17

I've been super busy and my computer has been having problems so I'm behind on the blog. I got over my cold and headed back to the gym. So I'll start from yesterday and work my way back to the last post. I'm working out tomorrow with family so I'm probably taking today off from the gym.

Yesterday (Friday) I did HIIT with the resistance on the bike at 23 for the sprints. Since they are new machines and go beyond 20 like the old machines I've been slowing getting toward maxing out. 23 is definitely hard. I'll do 24 next week.

I had to cut my Thursday workout short so I put off accessory lifts to yesterday.
I did 3 sets of 4 on the bodyweight pull-ups, 3 sets of 13 with 30lb dumbbells for overhead lifts, and 2 sets of 11, and one set of 12 with 20lb dumbbells for curls.

Thursday the 18th I had to cut my workout short so I lifted
Deadlifts 185lbs for three sets of 10 and one set of 11. Squats 155lbs for three sets of 10 and one set of 11.
Incline Bench 120lbs for four…

First Hard Workout of the Year

OK, getting back at it. Because of Saturday engagements I'm switching up this week to a M-W-F lift schedule and will bike on Tuesday and Thursday.

Here's what I lifted today:

Deadlifts 180lbs for four sets of 10. Squats 145lbs for four sets of 10.
Incline Bench 110lbs for four sets of 10.
Body weight pull-ups for three sets of 3. Overhead press with 30lb dumbbells for two sets of 12 and one set of 11.
Barbell Curls with 20lb dumbbells for three sets of 10.
It definitely felt like I had not lifted for a week. I weighed in at 160.0 which seems high for me. I know I can lose weight fast, I would rather do it steady. So I'll adjust my eating to try and maintain some muscle and lose some fat.

Slow Week

The New Year is starting out slow. Car was in the shop and I had a cold so I did workout on Tuesday, and will workout tomorrow. The rest was a bust as far as the gym.

I did get a lot of my side work going so that's good.

Reading this article on habits and thought I would share. One thing I've wanted to figure out is how to help people transform their health as drastically as I did. People say "willpower" and this article promises to go beyond that. We shall see and I'll report over the weekend.