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More Workout Considerations

So I did some reading last night and came across this article Considerations for Beginners. Might lead me to change up my ideas of workouts for summer.

The article had this video embedded

So I'll go light tomorrow and see if I can come up with something between what I had been planning and what they suggest here.


Possible Workout

This is what I'm guessing for the next workout. This coming week I'll go really light on accessory lifts, and extra stretching. So all of this would be for the following week. I'm still going to lift 3 times a week with a full-body workout. I'll do a warm-up set and then 4 sets of 5 with the workout weight.

Deadlift 135 warm-up, 175 for sets of 5

Squat 135 warm-up, 165 for sets of 5

Incline Bench 135 warm-up and go up 5lbs each set until I find a set close to failure

Pull-up start with bodyweight and go up 5lbs until I can't do 1 rep

Overhead Press  warm-up with 10lb dumbbells, then Barbell (45lbs) for sets of 5, or Dumbbells with 20 pounds

Curls warm-up with 10lb dumbbells, then Barbell (45lbs), or Dumbbells with 20 pounds

I'll add rows, calf-raises, and forearm curls as possible.

I'll go up by 5 or 10 pounds as possible with the Goals I set earlier in mind.

When I can I will get to using the tools listed earlier in the year for progress measurement.

PRs and Goals

I'm going to list some goals and PRs (personal records) here and try to link back when needed.

Health Goals: (Primary reason for this blog!) 
Keep A1C below 5.5, best would be to get a 4.6. Check in January 2019 was 5.0, November 2019 was 4.5.
Keep weight below 155, best would be 147 lbs. (I'm still working on 165 again)
Keep blood pressure close to 120/80. (I had 111/65 on Easter, overall I'm still around 130/85)

Lifting Goals

General Goals
"Level 1" (Using 148 body weight approximation)
Incline Bench 165x5
Shoulder Press 105x5
Curls 80x5
Chin-ups with 45lbsx5

I might not ever get past this goal, if I do I'll go for the following arbitrary goals. 

"Level 2" 
Incline Bench 185
Shoulder Press 125 Curls 95 Chin-ups with 75lbs

"Level 3"  Incline Bench 205 Shoulder Press 150 Curls 100 Chin-ups with 105lbs
Meet Goals
102.5 kilos on the squat, 92.5 kilos on the bench, and 130 kilos on the deadlift. Were all met or surpassed in December 2019.

Range of goals for next meet…

I Entered a Powerlifting Meet

So I entered a powerlifting competition this weekend. I did not post anything ahead of time because you often get detractors when you are trying something new. I wanted to stay as focused as possible.

I joined the Natural Athlete Strength Association and jumped in. I weighed in at 145.6 and went for it. It was stressful, as most new things are, and I didn't know anyone there. I had practiced with commands once and was still nervous about it. You give your weights by kilograms so that was also an added thing to learn. I knew that going in yet didn't really have a plan for that. Lee from The Power Plant gave me my "opener" numbers and I went with that. Openers are your first lift.

I missed my first attempt at the squat because I didn't go low enough. A mistake of nerves. I tried the same weight on second try and felt really good about it. My second attempt went smooth also. My squat opener was 83 kilos and my second attempt was 87.5. However my shoulder was hurting. …

Last Week of of 2018 Strength Cycle #2

A challenging week yet still able to get in the workouts for the week. This week finished up the 2nd strength cycle of the year. I'm thinking that in May I will go back to sets of 8-12 for 2 months or more.

I did the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the bike set on 25 for the sprints. I could get to 90 rpm a couple of times yet couldn't keep that consistent. I'll consider either adding one more sprint, going to 4 instead of 3, or to stay at 3 and try to get to 90 rpms more consistently.

There are many ways to do HIIT and you can check that out here and here. I also found an interesting abstract on HIIT and resistance training.

I was able to lift 3 times this week. Since it is the last week I ended with a day of singles.

Deadlifts 135lbs for a set of 5 reps, 225 for a set of 2, and 2 sets of 260 for 2
Squats 135lbs for a set of 5, 185 for a set of 2, and 2 sets of 215 for 2
Bench press 135 for 5, 175 for 2, and 2 sets of 200 for 2
Pull-ups 3 sets of 4 repetitio…