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Purchasing Weight Training Accessories


I am improving and feeling better. Taking time to get to the chiropractor and making more time to stretch have been helpful. 
I will post the new workout updates. They are all fairly light weight. 

New Workout for Summer 2018 Hypertrophy

Here is the new workout proposed for me. I went to see a chiropractor. They want me to show up twice a week for 3 weeks. That will be tough financially yet worth it.

Lee from The PowerPlant sent me a new routine. I'm going to post it here and link to exercises I want to make sure I do with good form. It's a 3 way split taking the recent tightness. Chiropractor feels that I can powerlift OK with some proper care and support.

My chronic back pain has slowed me down yet not stopped me this last round. About 3 weeks ago my back pain seemed to go away and my leg started hurting really bad. There was a deadlift where it felt like some nerve jumped or something. I played it safe and backed off. Glad I did and glad it wasn't a real tough injury. Just super-tightening of my leg.

Day 1
Hip Bridge - 100
Single Leg Deadlift 3x10 per side (Here is another with alterations)
Squat 5x5
Lunge 3x10
Y Rows 3x10-20

Day 2
Hip Bridge - 100
T Rows 3x10
Pull-ups 3x3-8
Bench 5x5
Inverted Rows 4x10-12

Day 3
Hip Br…

Summer 2017 Month 2 Week 2 (behind schedule)

These posts are weeks late. Thanks for your patience!

Did HIIT for this week with the bike on 24 for the sprints. I tried to get to 90 RPMs on the sprints. It was hard getting to 90 RPMs so I'm not going up just yet. I do get my heart beat to 140 beats per second. I will continue until I can get to 90 RPMs consistently.
Tuesday Squat 5 sets 12x140, 10x150, 8x160, 6x175, and 10x155
Superset 1
DB Lunges for three sets of 12 with 2 15lb dumbbells 
Push-up for three sets of 25 
Superset 2
Romanian Deadlift