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A1C in August 2018

I'm still continuing the workout listed here. This week hasn't been good for workouts because I haven't been sleeping well and the car was in the shop again. I've been worried about how things are going because my blood pressure has been creeping back up and I've been off the "clean" diet lately.

However my A1C (blood sugar over three months, explained here) came back 5.1!

So I'll keep at it the best I can and still plan to compete in December. Here's what I did to go from 9.3 A1C to 5.0.

Continuing... August 2018

Going to the chiropractor has been helpful. For the first time in years my lower back pain is almost non-existent. My leg pain has been reduced a great deal. It's not completely gone yet better. Most of the pain has focused on my hips. Before the jokes come in from the trolls, yes, I guess that means I'm a tight *ss. 
This week felt hard. I've been getting sore a couple different workouts. I decided I'm going to deload next week and then start back up. I have people ask me in person and online about my workouts. So I'm going to try and get back on the regular blogging. Below is the workout I'm still doing. I think in October I'll go back to strength training. Hopefully I'll have a full range of hip motion again. OK, back at it!
Day 1 Hip Bridge - 100 Single Leg Deadlift 3x10 per side (Here is another with alterations) Squat 5x5 Lunge 3x10 Y Rows 3x10-20
Day 2 Hip Bridge - 100 T Rows 3x10 Pull-ups 3x3-8 Bench 5x5 Inverted Rows 4x10-12
Day 3 Hip Bridge - 100