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September Deload Week and Goals

OK, I tried a hypertrophy after the April meet and tightened up my left leg/hip really bad. Thought I was injured. However I was able to keep working out anyway.

Lee from The PowerPlant sent me this workout. Between the rehab style workout and many chiropractor appointments I'm feeling much better.

I'm planning on switching to a strength cycle until early December. December 1 will be my 2 year anniversary of being back into the gym. I'll be paying attention to my max lifts on that day.

I did 1 rep max testing with Lee from the Power Plant and here is what I pulled on 11/22/17 at 152 lbs.
Squat 235 Bench 220 Deadlift 285
I entered a powerlifting meet on 4/28/18 and completed 7/9 attempted lifts. Here are my competition "PRs" (personal records) at 147lbs. Squat 87.5 kilos (193lbs) Bench 75 kilos (165lbs) Deadlift 120 kilos (265lbs)

From last week's workouts I lifted the following for at least one set of 5.
Squat - 185
Bench - 145
Deadlift - 220

Looking at the 1 Rep Max …

September Check In

Definitely behind on posting. Still get comments in person from people who appreciate the blog and want more regular content.

Went to the doc and have been doing OK overall. I'm still on the same workout I've been doing over the summer. So it is time to buckle down and maybe increase the cardio.

Thanks to those of you who ask me to keep writing, tell me you get some inspiration on health and strength training. I may slow down, yet I ain't quitting posting!