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Purchasing Weight Training Accessories

December 1, 2018 Prep

OK, so I'm entering the NASA New Mexico Christmas Regional. My goal is just to beat my previous lifts. It's a drug free powerlifting event. I figure that's good for me.

I decided to add one more HIIT sprint. So now I'm doing 5 sprints. I hope it helps me burn off some more fat. My A1C is 5.1, which is really good. To be clear the fat loss is so I can lift at 148 lbs. Otherwise I'm in the 165 class and I'm definitely not strong enough to compete there. So, I'll have to see how I respond to weight loss while lifting.

Last week I had lots of family stress. I had three people in my family going to the emergency room last week and lost lots of sleep. I am behind on some of my side work. Hopefully I catch up quickly. I'm eating more salad. If I do a "typical" day I have 3 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a banana, and a couple of handfuls of nuts with water for brunch (sometime between 7 and 2), and then for dinner usually some salad with lemon, and…

Just Some Info

I once did a presentation on "Dealing with Diabetes Without Medication" and people who came were mostly disappointed that I talked about fasting. Maybe they wanted some herbs or something similar to medications. Some people were intrigued and wanted my recipes.

It was an interesting process and I'll continue to share. I'm hoping to find a doc in Albuquerque who's willing to talk about this approach. I know part of the difficulty lies with thinking on the motivation of patients. I think there is a percentage of people able to do this and that is better than just not trying.

In some public health work things need to be tried by someone as a pilot to get things going. I think the study talked about below may be the beginning of a small breakthrough.

Then there is this. It's about keeping the diet simple. I think for some, like myself, that works better. For others having lots of recipes is the way to go. It's also about the amount of time you spend on something…